Cinerental is a member of the
Krakow Film Cluster

Cinerentalfilm equipment rental.

Cinerental is a rental house with more than 10 years tradition located in Krakow. In our assortment we offer mainly camcorders, optics and accessories – grip, monitors, recorders. We permanently enlarge our assets in answer to the changing and growing demands of the film and broadcast industries and productions.We try to do our best to help our customers with technical issues related to equipment and production.We provide contact to our friend DOP-s, camera operators and camera assistants. In case of any questions we are available by e-mail and phone.



Kamienna 12
31-403 Kraków

Mo-Fr. 10:00 - 16:00

Tel.: +48 795 693 831

E-mail: - general matters - reservations, inquiry - office